Scarlett Johansson Takes Her Last X-Rated Photo


Before recently knocked up actress Scarlett Johansson transforms into a bloated cow from giving birth to her first child, she decided to take one last X-rated photo.

As you can see, Scarlett displays her bulbous mammaries and soon to be obliterated baby box while posing naked on the floor with her legs spread. Soon Scarlett will be riddled with stretch marks and loose skin, as the miracle of life lays waste to her body.

Thankfully in the civilized Islamic world we have many wives, so when one’s body is destroyed in child birth there is always another ready to replace her. Scarlett Johansson’s fiance Romain Dauriac should seriously consider making her wear the martyr vest after she bears his child. It is the best way I’ve found to dispose of burdensome spent wives.

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