Selena Gomez Caught Sunbathing Topless


Selena Gomez was caught on camera sunbathing completely topless in the photo above.

In Selena’s hometown of Tijuana, Mexico it is quite common to see women out in public with their sinful uncovered boobies out flapping in the breeze like this. Of course these women usually are also pleasuring a donkey at the time while 2 or 3 of their half-starved bastard babies try to suckle some nourishment from their dried up tequila stained teats, they are certainly not lounging by some pool at a 5-star hotel.

The point is that if Selena Gomez wants to behave like a primitive slut and show her bare breasts in public like this then she should go back to her 3rd world country. For in civilized society there is no place for tanned titties, as a pale milky white bosom is the sign of a refined woman… especially when that bosom is also coated with a layer of dark pubic hair like in the case of our lovely Musliminas.

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