Selena Gomez Covered Topless Photo And Bikini Dance Video


Selena Gomez just posted the photo above on Instagram of herself covered topless while in black panties to hype the upcoming release of her new album “Revival”.

Selena may think that posing nearly nude in a black and white photo is sophisticated and artsy, but it did not take Muslim scientists in Tehran long to colorize this photo (see below) so that it can be appreciated in all of its slutty tawdry glory.


Yes no matter what Selena Gomez does she will always be a cheap Mexican whore, who illegally sneaked into the US to take jobs away from hard working American trollops. And unfortunately just when it looked like Selena was on the verge of gaining 50lbs, shitting out some anchor babies, and fading from the public consciousness this covered topless photo and the bikini dance video below pop up, proving that Selena is here to stay for quite some time.

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