Selena Gomez Dating Ugly Girl


As you can see in the photo above Selena Gomez is pressing her hairy Mexican tits against a hideously ugly blurry faced girl.

No word yet on who this blurry faced freak of nature is, but I fear that Selena may be using the unfortunate looking girl to win some sort of bet.

Often in western countries cruel people like Selena Gomez will pretend to date someone who is hideously ugly, just to get them to go to a special party were they will humiliate them in front of their friends. We can not say for sure that this is the case with Selena and blurry face girl, but it is hard to believe that Selena would be that hard up for vag especially with Justin Bieber spreading for her.

I fear that blurry faced girl may be the victim of a typical mean spirited Selena Gomez prank.

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