Selena Gomez Flashes Her Panties On National Television


As you can see in the GIF above, Selena Gomez was making an appearance on one of the painfully unfunny late night talk shows, when she flashed her little white panties on national television while changing her shoes.

Of course this Selena upskirt panties flash was just what the network executives were hoping for when they booked Selena as a guest. You invite exotic animal handlers on these shows because you know that the marmot is going to take a dump on the host’s desk, and you invite a Mexican whore like Selena on because you know she is going to do something outrageously slutty.

Yes Selena Gomez’s panties flashing is good for ratings, and thus racks in the advertising dollars. Though one can not help but wish that Selena would have squatted down and taken a dump on the host’s desk instead. It certainly would have been one of the more compelling moments in late night in a long time.

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