Selena Gomez Is Behaving Badly


Selena Gomez is starring in a new movie set to be released later this year entitled “Behaving Badly”. Selena seems to have taken the title of this film to heart, as she entangles herself in some curtains while wearing just her underwear in the photo above.

The Johnson family employs Selena to vacuum their house, dust their doilies, and scrub their toilets. They certainly don’t want Selena rubbing her nearly nude Mexican body all over their fine drapes (the smell of taco powder will be nearly impossible to get out).

Yes with behavior like this Selena Gomez will soon find herself unemployed. If Selena thinks she can always fall back on her “acting” career, this clip of her “acting” seductive from “Behaving Badly” should remove any doubt that she is destined to end up selling oranges by a freeway exit ramp.


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