Selena Gomez Mocks Taylor Swift (Video)


Lesbians Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are apparently having a lovers quarrel, and last night Selena Gomez made it very public by mocking Taylor Swift while performing in concert.

As you can see in the video below Selena Gomez takes a cheap shot at her girlfriend Taylor Swift by singing Taylor’s hit song “You Belong With Me” horribly out of key.

Usually when an artist covers another artist’s song it is a sign of respect, but Selena Gomez is obviously mocking Taylor Swift with this performance. Notice how Selena also bounces around the stage like a fool, further mocking Taylor.

Frankly I find Selena Gomez teasing Taylor Swift like this childish and a little cruel. Sure Taylor Swift sucks as a singer and performer, but Selena Gomez does not need to rub her face in it just because they are a having a lesbian tiff. In the future for our eardrums sake I hope Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift can keep their little lovers quarrels behind closed doors.


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