Selena Gomez Poses For Soaking Wet Nude Photo


Selena Gomez poses completely nude while bathing in what looks like a pool of water in the photo above.

This Selena Gomez photo is extremely suspicious, for as we all know Mexican women almost never bath as their potent musk of donkey sweat and refried beans is revered in their heathen culture. Not to mention that if Selena were to bath the water surrounding her would certainly not be this crystal clear, as the caked on filth and dried up semen stains coming off of her body would turn the water jet black (or possibly sea foam green).

Yes Selena Gomez’s nude body is clearly not in water, but rather in some sort of rejuvenating petroleum gel casing. This would also help explain how Selena has been able to maintain her youthful appearance despite the fact that she is a Latina woman who is 24-years-old (which is the equivalent of 109 in normal human years).

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