Sharon Stone and Hulk Hogan’s Karma Convo

celeb-jihadHey Hulk how are you doing hun?
celeb-jihadNot so good brother.
celeb-jihadAww are you still upset about the negative PR you got for suggesting that the war veteran passenger in the car your speeding drunk driving son crashed putting him in a permanent vegetative state must of had bad karma?
celeb-jihadYeah that and the fact that all these years of taking my “vitamins” have left me with tiny mouse balls.
celeb-jihadOh Hulk small potatoes just make the steak look bigger. And I think you were absolutely in the right in calling out that kid for having bad karma. I recently got in a bit of hot water myself when I suggested that the tens of thousands of “innocent” Chinese that were crushed to death in a earthquake had it coming because of all the bad karma from their government not allowing my friend the Dalai Lama to have his own country.
celeb-jihadWhat! That’s ridiculous! Of course that was karma! How can the public give you shit for that? It’s almost like they’ve never seen My Name is Earl.
celeb-jihadI know! It’s a fantastic show and I’ve learned a lot from it. After seeing it I looked back over my life and realized what an important role karma has played in it.
celeb-jihadHow so?
celeb-jihadWell in high school I got in a bit of trouble when one of the guys I was fucking knocked me up. It was awful it made me gain all this weight. Those nine months were a living hell. Every time I went out drinking or tried to do some blow I’d get sick, or the baby would kick like crazy. Not to mention I didn’t have my period once during the pregnancy, so I’m pretty sure it was drinking my menstrual blood.
celeb-jihadA vampire baby! I’ve heard about those.
celeb-jihadYep but you know what Hulk? All that bad karma that little guy was building up came back and bit him in the ass when I gave birth and threw him in a dumpster.
celeb-jihadBig time! Hahaha!
celeb-jihadYou know my soon to be ex-wife Linda is suffering through some bad karma right now.
celeb-jihadOh yeah?
celeb-jihadYeah brother. When I married her 20 years ago she was hot and thin, but throughout our marriage she’s gradually gotten uglier and fatter.
celeb-jihadOught ohh that is not good for her karma.
celeb-jihadTell me about it. So I cheated on her a lot and karma got her good when she found out about it and filed for divorce.
celeb-jihadPoor woman will never find another guy with 24 inch pythons.
celeb-jihadOh Hulk all this karma talk is making me super wet. Want to fist my gaping stink hole?
celeb-jihadYou got it brother.

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