Skyler Samuels Nude Photo Finally Released


“The Gifted” and “Scream Queens” star Skyler Samuels appears to have finally posed nude in the recently released photo above.

Of course this nude photo has been a long time coming from Skyler, for despite being a tremendous whore and starring on two FOX television series she is still far from a household name in the infidel West.


Unfortunately for Skyler along with the career benefits from the increased notoriety that this nude pic will bring, it has also drawn the attention of us righteous Muslim men. And while we appreciate her underdeveloped androgynous body and strong jawline (no doubt capable of taking many punches), she is still a woman and so the exposing of her blasphemous bare flesh is a high crime under Sharia… And one (Allah willing) that she will have to answer for in the very near future.

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