Snapchat Hacked, Miley Cyrus Sex Pic Leaked


It is being reported that the popular nude picture sharing chat app known as “Snapchat” has been hacked, and hundreds of thousands of explicit photos and videos are about to be leaked online, in what is being called “The Snappening”.

The leak will allegedly occur in a giant searchable database, so that infidel guys can look up their girlfriends’ names and see that they have been sending nude pictures to strange men and infidel girls can look up their boyfriends’ names and see that they have also been sending nude pictures to strange men. This will no doubt plunge the West into chaos, setting the stage for us Muslims to ride in on our war camels and establish our Caliphate.

Of course regular people are not the only ones who use Snapchat to expose their sinful naked bodies, as many celebrities will no doubt also be caught up in this “Snappening” leak. Already the Snapchat photo below of Miley Cyrus just after having sex has been leaked online.


As you can see in this photo, Miley Cyrus shares a post-coital embrace with a guy who did not satisfy her intense carnal desires, as her tongue hangs out still hungering for man meat. However, instead of providing Miley’s mouth a proper banging, this impotent homoqueer appears to be about to shove his own thumb up his ass while taking selfies. This of course is to be expected from your average kuffar male.

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