Sophie Turner Laying Around Naked


Now that “Game of Thrones” has finished filming one may wonder what actress Sophie Turner is up to… If you guessed laying around naked with her legs spread open airing out her stinking lady hole you’d be right!


As you can see in these recent nude photos, Sophie Turner is enjoying her time off by exposing her blasphemous naked female flesh while being a lazy whore. Of course this comes as no surprise for when a woman is left to her own devices her base nature will always lead her to sin. As evidenced in the Bible when Eve took the apple from Satan in the Garden of Eden… And as you can see Sophie has a bunch of apples.

Of course the holy Qur’an covers this topic extensively as well with famous passages like, “Idle women are the devil’s workshop” and “Spare the rod spoil the woman”. That is why it is so important for women like Sophie Turner to have a steady stream of chores to keep them busy, and a steady stream of beatings to remind them of their subservient place under the heel of a powerful man.

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