Stana Katic Poses For Nude Photos


“Castle” star Stana Katic finally poses fully nude in the photos above and below.

Of course seeing Stana Katic nude in these pics comes as no surprise, for this is a woman who once whispered “I want to be your little fuck slut” on network television in the video clip below.

What is surprising is that it took Stana Katic this long to get naked for the camera, for this geriatric Jezebel is now an elderly 39-years-old!


It is actually quite remarkable that at her advanced age Stana’s tits aren’t dragging on ground, and that she didn’t break her hip contorting her decrepit body into “sexy” poses for these pics.

Unfortunately for Stana seeing the nude flesh of degenerate grandmas fills us Muslims with a righteous rage like nothing else, and one day soon she will feel our wrath for we will bury her under so many stones that she may end up becoming a castle.

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