Sydney Sweeney Takes Her 1969 Cherry Red Ford Bronco Out For a Spin in LA (45 Photos)

Actress Sydney Sweeney takes her family for spin in her $150,000 classic 1969 cherry red Ford Bronco in Los Angeles after she recently refurbished it herself in Los Angeles, 04/21/2022.



She worked on the 50-year-old classic SUV for a year during the pandemic partnering with Ebay motors auto parts in New York. The car was first shown at the New York Car Show after she finished the restoration of her all time favorite classic car. It was just delivered to her door Thursday and drove it for the first time since refurbishing it.

She took her whole family along for her first outing in her new classic car including her dog. Sydney was proudly wearing her engagement ring during the drive and a long white summer dress.



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