Taylor Lautner Comes Out As A Gay On Video


Taylor Lautner made headlines yesterday when someone leaked the People magazine cover for when he finally decides to come out as a gay. Upon hearing the news Taylor was overcome with the vapors, and when he finally composed himself he had his rep claim that the report was not true.

Thankfully we do not have to wait for Taylor Lautner’s inevitable “official” coming out party to denounce him as a vile sodomite that must be purged of his deviant homoqueer longings, for we have uncovered the video above of Taylor being extremely gay.

Taylor Lautner couldn’t be acting more gay in this video if he was listening to show tunes while sucking off a dude and taking his AIDS medication. If this video doesn’t remove the last bit of doubt that Taylor Lautner is a limp-wristed power bottom then nothing will.

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