Taylor Swift Continues To Flaunt Her Bubble Butt


Ever since Taylor Swift added some junk to her trunk she has not be able to stop flaunting her ass, as she sticks it out while taking photos with fans and even walks down the street with her bare butt cheeks brazenly out flapping in the breeze.

In fact, Taylor’s whole live show now revolves around her showcasing her plump rump, as she rotates her hips on stage like a Sub-Saharan she-boon in heat out on the African savanna trying to attract a mate.

Unfortunately for Taylor whatever Jew magic she used to inflate her fart factory pales in comparison to the truly halal hindquarters she would have if she were a pious Muslimina. For nothing tones a tush like pulling the plow by day and getting plowed by a powerful Muslim meat pole by night.

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