Taylor Swift Naked Proves She Had A Boob Job


There has been speculation abound that Taylor Swift had a boob job, when over the last year it appeared as though her mosquito bite boobies miraculously grew into perky relatively normal sized breasts.

However thanks to the recently discovered nude photo above, we can now confirm with absolute certainly that Taylor Swift has had a breast enhancement. For when comparing Taylor naked in this pic with the recent one below of her braless in a see thorugh top, it is clear that the foul Jew science of plastic surgery has once again blasphemously increased the size of a woman’s sinful sex organs.


Yes Taylor Swift is no longer the queen of the itty bitty titty committee, but that does not mean that she will be experiencing the unimaginable pleasure of getting her orifices stretched open by a virile Muslim’s tunic snake any time soon. For us Muslims require that our women have natural boobs… Which are duct taped down and hidden behind a thick wool burka just as Allah intended.

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