Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Slutty New Concert Moves

In her first concert of 2017, Taylor Swift shows off her slutty new moves in the video above.

It is a constant struggle for pop star whores like Taylor Swift to come up with new and exciting ways to prostitute their bodies while performing in front of their insatiably depraved fan bases. As you can see in this video, after taking over 6 months off Taylor’s live show has added some new elements including Taylor bending over in a short skirt and sticking her ass up in the air, and Taylor gyrating her crotch right above fans recording her with camera phones in the front row.

No doubt these new moves were well received by Taylor’s diehard “Swifties”, and they will be included in her future performances. Taylor now just needs a group of homoqueer backup dancers flopping around behind her, some lasers and pyrotechnics, and a couple of “surprise” celebrity appearances, and she will be good to go to make another 50 million on a world tour.

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