Taylor Swift Wears Ridiculously Skimpy Bikini


Wow Taylor Swift was photographed at the beach wearing a ridiculously skimpy bikini.

Now I don’t use the term whore lightly, but by wearing such a tiny bikini Taylor Swift looks like the biggest whore to have ever whored.

Honestly I don’t know why it is even legal in the West for someone like Taylor Swift to wear such a revealing swimsuit. I guess she thinks that because she is a “celebrity” she can run around in public with a good portion of her thigh showing in direct violation of Sharia law.

Taylor Swift should be prosecuted for crimes against Islam for wearing this disgustingly slutty bikini. She needs to learn that there are serious repercussions for acting and dressing like a filthy street walker. I suggest a light stoning followed by scaring her face with a hot iron. That ought to keep her on the straight and narrow.


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