Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Track Listing


Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Edition will be available today Monday, October 26, rather than the original release date of October 27!

What’s more, her label has announced the track listing for the CD/DVD set. Check out below for the track list info:


  1. Deep Dicking (Balls Deep Remix)
  2. Cunt Hungry
  3. 2 In The Front 1 In The Back
  4. Love Story (Explicit Version)
  5. Fat People Repulse Me
  6. White Horses Black Mules
  7. You Belong With Me Remix ft Lil Wayne and Too $hort
  8. Gape My Ass (Acoustic Version)
  9. Cats Sure Do Like Peanut Butter
  10. Let’s All Do The Holocaust Shuffle

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