Taylor Swift’s Webcam Hacked, Masturbation Video Leaked

The video above was reportedly recorded off of Taylor Swift’s home webcam after it was taken over by hackers.

As you can see in this video, Taylor Swift appears to be yammering away (probably about her favorite dildos) before the scene cuts to one of her spread naked on her bed toying with her lady lips. The video then proceeds to continue cutting between Taylor babbling like a moron, and her taking a vibrator to her clit like a tremendous whore.

This webcam video certainly illustrates the duality of Taylor Swift’s personality, as she often alternates between being a vapid twit and an insatiable sex kitten. If Taylor could learn to shut her damn mouth then she may just have a future performing as a cam whore. In fact, our holy Muslim webcam site CJcams.com is ready to offer Taylor a poorly decorated bedroom to shoot from, and half a gallon of industrial strength lube if she will come be an exclusive performer on our site. After seeing her lackluster performance in this video, I think the offer is more than generous.

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