The Kardashians Are As Bored with Christmas As We Are


Finally, someone had the nerve to stand up to the manufactured mess of Christmas and show how bored they are with this silly holiday.

While it may appear that the Kardashian family went out of their way to dress up for this photo, our intelligence sources say this is not the case. Our mole that has infiltrated the clan (who we will refer to as Lamar O.) conveyed that every night at 6:54 PM, the family convenes in formal wear on their staircase to consume a live goat, and offer the heart to appease their Armenian Gods.

Let us be on record as saying that we now may consider ourselves allies of the Kardashians. They appear to hate Christmas, love eating goat, and enjoy dressing to the 9’s in FABULOUS formal wear.

If I find out they like Jack Johnson as much as I do, I’m defecting, plain and simple. Oh, sweet Allah, I hope they like Jack Johnson!

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