Top 5 Celebrity Halloween Costumes For 2018

The blasphemous heathen holiday of Halloween happened last night, and like always the Hollywood harlots showed off their devilish degeneracy with demonically depraved costumes… The top 5 of which we have compiled into the list below…

#5 The Kardashians


Coming in at #5 we have the whole Kardashian klan (well nearly the whole klan, as they showed their transphobia by not including Brucelyn) dressed up as slutty angels. While the imagery of all of these mudshark skanks being dead is certainly a halal one, the idea that they would be angels instead of roasting for all eternity in the Hellfire is patently absurd.

#4 Victoria Justice


Next up we have Victoria Justice who dressed as a whore clown with her half-sister Madison Reed. Which is fitting as us Muslims will certainly be laughing when we pelt these Jezebels with stone pies.

Victoria also wore the pink strumpet costume in the video clip above. Which is much more slutty than creative just like Victoria herself.

#3 Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner lands in the #3 spot with her deep cleavage costume of a pasty mortician. No doubt while working as an undertaker Sophie will be taking full advantage of all the rigor mortis she encounters.

#2 Emily Ratajkowski


Model Emily Ratajkowski appears to have dressed up as an incompetent fur trapper…

An obscure costume choice to be sure, but that doesn’t stop Emily from having fun twerking her tight ass in the video clip above.

#1 Ireland Baldwin


Finally we get to the winner of heathen Hollywood’s Halloween 2018… Ireland Baldwin! As you can see from the pics above, Ireland blew the competition away this year by going the extra mile and flashing her pussy ax wound while dressed up as an ax wielding murderer. Now that showed some true imagination and creative talent… Far more than her washed-up father Alec Baldwin ever has.

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