Vanessa Hudgens Starts Scandal With Short Dress


Disney star Vanessa Hudgens caused quite a stir by showing up to the premiere of some horrible Disney movie wearing a ridiculously short dress.

As you can see in the pictures of Vanessa Hudgens below, the dress in question is backless and barely goes below her tight butt. Why Vanessa Hudgens would think it was socially acceptable to wear a dress like this in public is beyond me. We can only speculate, but she must have been high on ecstasy pills when she decided to wear it.

Already Vanessa Hudgens short dress is causing a public outcry in all the important cultural centers of the world. In Sanaa, Yemen famed camel jockey Abdul Mughni Mukarram had this to say, “Vanessa Hudgens is a whore. I would not let her mount my worst camel less she infects it with the HIV.”

Even more outraged by Vanessa Hudgens short dress was Mustajab Shawqi chief Cleric of the Helmand province in Afghanistan who issued such a strongly worded and passionate Fatwa against Vanessa Hudgens that we could not even transcribe it here. However, let’s just say that the term “pig f*cking slut” was used quite liberally in reference to Vanessa.

Vanessa Hudgens has caused quite a stir with this short dress. Hopefully she learns a valuable lesson from all the negative backlash and wears the burka the next time she decides to venture into public. Remember Vanessa the Muslim world is watching you.


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