Victoria Justice And Hayden Panettiere Daydream About Being Anal Concubines


Victoria Justice was photographed clinching her butt cheeks in skinny jeans while wishfully staring off into the distance and (probably) daydreaming about being an anal only concubine in the harem of a virile Muslim man in the photo above.

Like most infidel women it is clearly Victoria’s greatest desire to have her back door blown open by the powerful thrusts of a mighty Islamic meat scud. As evidence of this shared fantasy, fellow celebrity harlot Hayden Panettiere was also recently caught on camera staring out her window fantasying about getting her rectum split in two by a Muslim’s tunic scud while sitting on her bed in a g-string in the photo below.


While it is certainly important to have goals in life, both Victoria and Hayden will never achieve theirs if they spend their days simply dreaming about being brutally anally violated instead of getting out their and proving themselves worthy of such an honor. A good start would be wearing the burka, and placing a few IEDs around Israeli military outposts.

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