Willa Holland Naked For Black And White Photo Shoot


Willa Holland poses nude in the “artsy” black and white photos above and below.

Willa is dating a photographer who fancies himself an “artist”, so it was only a matter of time before he convinced her to take a few shots showing off her sin slit and spreading open her butt cheeks.


Now I’m not an art critic but I must admit that seeing Willa Holland’s naked body in these photos certainly moves me. For it is an excellent commentary on the bleakness and depravity rampant in the Western world. With Willa’s anus hole symbolizing the nihilistic pit of despair which all secular societies find themselves.

Of course these nude photos also inspire righteous rage in my pious Muslim heart. For a woman’s bare flesh is an abomination, and to brazenly expose oneself like this is a defiant act of blasphemy against Allah himself. Let us hope that for Willa’s next art piece she is immortalized as a statue after being pelted with stones by us Muslim men.

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