Young Jessica Biel’s Topless Photos From Gear Magazine


The infidels like to celebrate something called “Throwback Thursday” in which they share photos from the past that they are nostalgic for on Thursdays. Us Muslims have decided to give this practice a try, by posting the pics below of a 17-year-old Jessica Biel’s infamous topless photo shoot for Gear Magazine.

These photos were extremely controversial in the West at the time of their publication for not only was Jessica Biel 17, but she was also starring on the hit Christian TV show “7th Heaven”. Of course Christians continue to hold on to the ridiculous ideal of female chastity, even though their Jew God Jesus’ own mother Mary was a no good whore who cuckolded her husband and had another man’s baby (virgin birth my ass).

Us Muslims on the other hand recognize that women are essentially weak-willed and sinful by nature, so they require the strong hand of a man to keep them from the path of sexually depraved wickedness through the holy trinity of burkas, beatings, and child brides. When left to their own devices women will always sin, as Jessica Biel is doing in these topless pics, and no amount of heart-to-heart Christian TV show lessons is going to change that… For if the snake had offered Eve a banana instead of an apple in the Garden of Eden, you better believe she would have taken it and shoved it right up her snatch.


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