Yvonne Strahovski Does A Topless Photo Shoot


“Chuck” and “Dexter” star Yvonne Strahovski poses completely topless in this photo shoot for the Polish men’s magazine “Kielbasa Quarterly”.

Like most girls in her poverty stricken homeland of Poland, Yvonne Strahovski would often dream of one day traveling to Hollywood and using her Eastern European good looks to whore herself into fame and fortune. Well that dream became a reality when she was discovered by renowned Hollywood talent scout Abraham Jewberg while selling the world’s smallest violins to tourists outside of Auschwitz.

The rest as they say is Hollywood history, as Yvonne Strahovski has gone to star in numerous TV shows and movies. Unfortunately Yvonne has yet to do a graphic nude scene in any of them, but if the topless photos below are any indication that is about to change.


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